Killing ’em softly…

How do you know when you’ve officially baked your cast after a long week of work? When there’s random flashing of breasts and giddy giggle attacks alternating with glazed-over blank stares.

Some of Jason Snow’s (Edward) giddiness might have had to do with the fact that he was eating icing out of the tube (that’s how the thea-tuh pulls off someone eating “paint” onstage; and we just cross our fingers that Mr. Snow isn’t diabetic by October 12) and on a red number 5 sugar high. Regardless, he’s a riot (with a lot of nuance starting to develop) and, as Rosie O’Donnell would say, a “cutie-patootie” and will charm the skinny jeans off the audience.

Jillian continues to ride the runaway locomotive that is the role of “Kitty” with grace and determination. She hardly gets to leave the stage, has to have meltdowns, breakthroughs and goofball moments galore, all in the span of a couple of hours. Not to mention singing two huge solos. Jeez. It’s enough to make a writer feel a little guilty for putting an actress through all that. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Ms. Louis, and it’s very rewarding to see her start to have some Kitty-like breakthroughs of her own. And maybe even have some fun. Hint, hint

Monday’s our day “off.” Chad and I, along with cast member’s Holly Hylton and Josh Powell, will begin it at 6:45 am on the Good Morning America set. It’s NYMF day apparently. Tune in. We’ll be there holding signs and acting a fool.

Tuesday is a run-through with costumes. Oh, God, I can’t wait for that. Emmy-winner David Zyla plays a big part in making the fabric (pun intended) of the POPart world fully-woven and realized. And I anticipate it will amp up everyone’s performances, which are already zooming on nitro.

2 Responses to “Killing ’em softly…”

  1. Paula Mabry Says:

    If you can, let Robin know tomorrow that you are from Mississippi. It might hold some water!! I will get up early to see you hold up your signs!!

  2. Paula Mabry Says:

    Saw the group on ABC Good Morning America! Impressive!!

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