Crawling, walking, running…

My goodness, what a difference a week makes. Last Friday, we were still searching for the thematic and story-oriented core of songs, for why there was so much sex, for when students were gangs and when gangs were students and when the ensemble was homeless or medicated or inspired or downright schizo gangs or students or suburbanites or gangs. Whew.

Now we do our first entire run-through of the show tomorrow, following several rehearsals of crystal-clear-clarity and utterly jubilant celebration of humor and wit and fun. And not nearly as much sex. Now the only sex is…well…innocent. Because this place POPart lives is ultimately a very safe, very crazy, but very safe place where no one experiences any permanent harm and emotional baggage is expressed through unruly make-up application or eating paint, that in a “normal” world, would cause liver damage and brain bleeds.

And we’re ALL starting to get that now. This is fun. We’re having it. The cast is realizing they can really plumb the depths of the crazy without losing their minds or their hearts. Brilliant, they are. Proud, I am. And there’s Yoda again.

A special shout has to go out to Rachel Cantor this week for discovering what a freakin’ riot Veronica is and bringing the house down with every brief appearance. Another one goes out to Zach Clause (Toni-O) who is just effortless in his facility with arch quirk that never calls attention to itself. As we dove into Act Two, Cyrilla Baer finally got to explore Dr. Bore’s multiple layers and delivers every line as though savoring a comedic gem inside a chocolate bon-bon shaped like a vagina. And the teachers have really come into their own as Neva, Josh and Marla have uncovered the human being underneath the gimmick.

In other news, on Thursday, I helped load-in all the lighting and A/V equipment into the ATA Theatre (general manager, Gretchen, and I were the official POPart representatives), and once my muscles stopped barkin’, I noticed that place has 140 seats, about half of which resemble an upholstered roller coaster, and should probably be declared a chiropractic hazard.

Bought your ticket yet??

One Response to “Crawling, walking, running…”

  1. Paula Mabry Says:

    You are way too clever!! So excited that all is going well…knock on wood!!
    You’re the BEST!

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