Hot for Teacher

Staging day seven saw us getting BE FREE re-railed (as opposed to derailed) with a lot more teacher/student interaction and some side-splitting choreo for our Ms. Hamm as she demonstrates how to let go of all self-judgment and inhibition (apparently, in her case, that involves flitting and leaping about the stage in quick, ballerina-like bursts–something you don’t expect from a mature British school marm). Thanks to Neva Rae Powers for being game for all that silliness.

On day eight, when we should have rested, we instead forged ahead with AH, OUI scene and song. Josh Powell twirls, molests, preaches, postures and mispronounces memorably. It’s like a Tom Jones Vegas act joining an Andy Warhol sex party.

I have no idea why so much of this show has ended up being about sex. Perhaps it’s all the cathartic moments inherent in art relating so nicely to movement and song-related release. Perhaps it’s because, throughout history, so much of art has been either about sex and sexuality or the repression of them (see the Romans and all those ridiculous fig leaves).

Or perhaps we’re just having fun being dirty.

I have a feeling Chad, DJ and I are going to be hearing from the ensemble members’ mothers. And it won’t be in the form of a Hallmark card.

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