Good things always come in threes…

Today we (see how I put myself in there, like I was actually dancing and choreographing?) worked three dance numbers (I BLEND IN, SMELLS LIKE ART and a new one: BE FREE).

Featuring our three ridiculously good leads. Good? No, splendid. Three quirky individuals with hearts and atom-splitting comic timing, that Jillian, Zach and Jason are. I can’t get enough of watching them work off each other, bond, and become. Today, Jillian and Jason also had their character chats, and that, as always, was as enlightening for me as for them—Edward in particular is a challenging creation, but Jason came to some really nice conclusions about how to get at his contradictions; and Jillian is completely inhabiting Kitty’s un-hipness.

Then there are our three female and three male preposterously committed and funny ensemble members. Jose, you slay me. Yes, that’s right, I pulled the term “slay” out of the 1980s vault and used it. There it is. Deal with it. Holly, unconscious prostitutes have never made such an impression. Jamaal, my god, you as nude model, Hugo, should be illegal in six states. Don’t ever change.

Amanda, Justin and Rachel, how do you dance like demons for six hours, have to “act” like ten different characters simultaneously, and not even break a sweat? You’re masterful.

BE FREE was a thrill to watch take shape, as a multitude of possible ways to cover up the nude model’s nether-regions with a sketchbook were explored. And how many times can that nude model inappropriately wink at and solicit the students? I wish art school HAD really been like this.

Tomorrow we get to dig into some scene work.

In the meantime, since I didn’t accomplish a drawing of my own worth posting, here’s one by Cy Twombly (look him up; he takes childlike spontaneity to a new level). Jillian as Kitty made many fake sketches today when she was supposed to be drawing the piece that gets her into art school. They actually looked a lot like this. Perhaps Jillian can add art to her list of “special skills”?

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