What smells?

Choreography. And it smells damn good. As DJ brought movement to the ghetto today, a comment wafted through the room from director, Chad Larabee: “Ensemble, it’s like you’re the Solid Gold dancers if they came back after 30 years, homeless and deranged.” Solid Gold, indeed.

The "Smells Like Art" Dancers, in action...

The dance is a “salsa-disco”, as we’re fond of calling it. And DJ does it up right, with touches of tango accented by punching, rump-slapping and the occasional grind (our ensemble, Holly, Amanda, Rachel, Jamaal, Justin and Jose were certainly up to it; aren’t they sweet?). For Kitty’s first introduction to what’s outside of the suburbs, SMELLS LIKE ART is delivering danger, oddity and just the right amount of lascivious inspiration. I did my best to capture a few moves with some quick gesture drawings. This version is PG-rated.

Before the gyrating began, Zach, Chad and I talked about Toni-O and where he comes from. Zach is lovely—funny and kind, gentle but not afraid to get dirty—and has some strong instincts about why Toni-O paints, how school makes him feel and the nature of his burgeoning relationships with Kitty and Edward. He also had ideas about where Toni-O comes from, both literally and emotionally, and how that affects his accent, which perhaps isn’t the least bit genuine, but more of an outfit he’s trying on. I’ve had that feeling too, and I look forward to the unfolding of Zach’s Toni-O before my very eyes.

2 Responses to “What smells?”

  1. Because I already know and love these characters, reading your thoughts about the process has me itching to see this interpretation. Ahhhh! Can’t wait!

  2. darylfazio Says:

    Get your rear end up here already!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

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