“snowed-under” day

I had a Sophie’s choice (what? too soon?) today where it was either rehearsal or play catch-up with the real world. I chose the latter, since I’ve been footing some of the bill for this show myself, and folks gotta get paid. However, I also did some rewrites that give me a sense of satisfaction. Most notably the end speeches by Dr. Bore and a streamlining of Kitty and Toni-O’s first meeting. Jeez, I can be long-winded. I don’t mean now, I mean…in…the…script. And…maybe now.

The report from heir director is that the first day of staging went off like firecrackers. DJ, our choreographer, made I BLEND IN into a sort of physical ode to the ordinary, so that Kitty could, well, blend in. I hear things about brushing teeth and walking dogs. And some choreo that was so enthusiastic, it had the women worried about a wardrobe malfunction. Costume designer, the incomparable David Zyla, texted from Los Angeles (and, one presumes, the set of the soap opera he costumes; note my tone as I try unsuccessfully to avoid sounding star-struck; the fact that he got Armani Exchange to donate all the duds for the art students might also have something to do with it) and gently put those concerns to rest. I’ll get to see all this movement for myself on Sunday when they do a stumble-through of that scene plus the other four they’ll stage over the next few days.

On to SMELLS LIKE ART tomorrow, starting off with a “character chat” with Zach Clause, our Toni-O. I love chats.

You know what rhymes with chat? Rat. And I saw one running up and down the exterior window frame of a restaurant I was dining in on 9th Ave. Now THAT smells like art.


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