Read it and weep.

We read it. The whole thing. Sang it too. No weeping. From start to finish.

The entire cast was in the same room today. Reading and singing and not weeping. It was a beautiful thing. Not the show yet, since this was the first time reading the thing at all for a few of our cast, and there’s a helluva lot happening in this musical at all times. But the promise it holds makes me feel like I’m running through a field of daisies. And perhaps being pursued by a human-sized copy of the libretto with little feet sticking out from the bottom of the plastic black binder.

So, yeah, mixed feelings. Great ones about the cast, chosen by me and Chad and Aaron and DJ (our choreographer) with such care and thought, so we could watch talent and fearlessness oozing from their pores. Tim Warmen, you’re a beast. Josh Powell, holy smokes. Zach Clause, you break my heart and bust my gut simultaneously. Cyrilla Baer, there are no words. Marla Mindelle, if I were drinking milk while you were singing, it would be coming out of my nose. I could go on and on and on and on. But won’t just yet.

The new Act II opener is a winner (guttural “uh”s make anything good, don’t they?), for sure, though. And the whole piece is feeling sleek and trim.

The flip-side of my feelings aren’t bad ones, just questions. We have some work to do on those art gangs (did I mention there are gangs in POPart who worship Michelangelo, Rothko and O’Keeffe and use that as a reason to confront and rumble with each other? does that give you pause, dear reader?) to get them to fit more snugly into the proceedings. And I’m wondering also about the epilogues.

The work is the point, of course. The actors are clearly ready to bring everything they’ve got. It humbles me, and it makes me damn-well responsible for ensuring the libretto can take it over the next three weeks and six performances.

And if there’s any weeping (and maybe a little peeing), let’s hope it’s the kind that’s squeezed out by way too much laughing.


4 Responses to “Read it and weep.”

  1. I love that last sentiment. Shall I bring the depends?

  2. Mickey Gousset Says:

    I am very excited for you and the cast!

    • Thanks, Mickey! Here in New York, I can’t help but think back to our high school trip when you got to see City of Angels while the rest of us saw either Les Mis or Phantom. Fun times!

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