Don’t feed the actors.

Today, with my little digital camera poised gleefully at the rehearsal scene, I was informed that Actors’ Equity won’t let me take photos of their union members. Even though when I saw our Kitty, Edward and Toni-O sitting in a row together for the first time, it was like witnessing the planets align. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Since this is a show about art, I’m contemplating some court reporter-style drawings. Perhaps one during each rehearsal.

None today though.

I was too busy enjoying a discussion with Jason Michael Snow (and director Chad and MD Andrew) about exactly what IS on Edward’s mind during WATCH THE BIRDY. Jason’s crystalline tenor soars and explores the depths at the same time. Perfect for Edward’s light-meets-dark approach to life. Bring on the revelations! I expect a few over the coming weeks (which is why a printer will be present in every rehearsal, so I can crank out rewrites if the revelations reveal the presence of crappiness).

Many other songs were learned and sung, as Jason was joined by Jillian and Zach, then the ensemble. They sat within the taped-out lines of our staging area, while the real set materialized (in panels of urban faux-brick on one side and vivid artwork on the other) over in a corner of the room. Yep, the set was delivered today, just as Chad said it always would be, so that the actors can learn to play nicely with it, shaping spaces by shifting them on casters.

We start staging on Tuesday. That’s when the pedal hits the metal, as Kitty would say. That’s when it’s not just words anymore, it’s action.

Minus the camera.


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