A first day

Today it began. Talented, interesting human beings we chose to play fake but interesting characters gathered in a room on West 48th Street, between 8th and 9th Ave., and learned songs from POPart so they can, in three weeks time, open a show.

Thank you for your work today, Holly, Jamaal, Amanda, Rachel, Josh, Justin, Jose, Marla, Zach, Jason and Jillian, led by musical director, Andrew. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching people do what they do best.

Tomorrow more music. A quick break for Labor Day and Hurricane Earl. Then Tuesday we’ll strap on our water wings and move onto the on-your-feet stuff, scene work, character work, and putting the whole mish-mash together.

I’ve been in New York since Sunday (today being Thursday). I’ve pseudo-mastered the subway and obscuring my yokel-ness. I’ve seen the MoMA (the POPart and Contemporary floor was closed for renovations; yes, the entire floor) and the Guggenheim. I’ve seen a 70-year old sinewy bald man carrying a Yorkshire terrier in a pink snuggly on his chest. And I’ve just seen my libretto take its first breath as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Life. Is. Being. Alive.


One Response to “A first day”

  1. I love being able to “be there” with you through your blog, d. Can’t wait to see this awesome show on its feet. Soon.

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