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Real people playing fake ones…

Posted in General, NYMF, The Cast, Writing on July 20, 2010 by darylfazio

I was an acting major as an undergrad. I survived the degree but washed out of the real-world part. It ain’t no place for sissies. Pros, I bow to you and kiss your toe ring.

Now I find myself, for the first time, on the other side of a professional audition process. And it’s not just intriguing from the former-auditionee perspective, but also from the writer one. Because I created all these fake people, and now we have to choose flesh-and-blood ones to “be” them.

It’s daunting and life-altering. So much talent (we’ve all heard the statistics of the actor-to-job ratio; you actor people, honestly, please don’t ever get a CAT scan, because then we’ll find out you all have brains that need to be studied by science, and live theatre will go the way of the dodo bird). So many expectations, on either side, of what and who this is we’ll be making. We don’t know who you are yet (callbacks will be on us in a heartbeat). But here’s to what we’ll learn and who we’ll meet. It’s the best part of this theatre thing.

I can’t wait to bake a show with some real (crazy) people.

Extreme Script Make-Over

Posted in Music, NYMF, Writing on July 15, 2010 by darylfazio

Okay, maybe not that extreme. But after insight from our dramaturg and a few creative pow-wows with director, Chad Larabee, and composer, Aaron McAllister, we have a pretty different structure and a couple of new songs. Case in point: I have written a new Act Two opener called BREAKTHROUGH. We wrap up Act One with MELTDOWN in which Kitty, you guessed it, melts down while being serenaded by Homeless Man and Woman. In BREAKTHROUGH (which has no tune as of yet–stay tuned…heh-heh…it’s percussive, hard-edge lyrics though–I was inspired by some vintage Blood, Sweat, & Tears), Toni-O and Edward lead the other students in announcements of the wonderful discoveries they’ve all been making in their artwork. While Kitty. Has none. Brief excerpt:



That’s the big-ticket item. BLOW-BY-BLOW has gone away, and there’s a SHINE, KITTY, SHINE reprise now, which I’m kind of loving.

And right this moment, as I type, Chad sits in the Equity Principle Auditions for nine hours finding us some dazzling talent to help the love flow even more freely. (insert song cue here)