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Waiting? Working? Whoring?

Posted in NYMF, Writing on June 20, 2010 by darylfazio

A little of all of those.

Waiting for rehearsals. Still a couple of months away. But can’t help wondering about the whole experience. Living in New York that long. Meeting the actors and making the show into something. Changing the very fabric of space and time. And eating a lot of Zen Palate (look it up).

Working on the script. Talking to our dramatug, Lisa Timmel, for the first time tomorrow morning. Making notes right now about questions to ask. Never had an “official” one of these before. Hope I don’t come off like an amateur.

Whoring around for money. My high school chorus teacher just handed me a check, and after I wanted to hug and kiss her all over, I felt sort of…like…a…money slut. God knows I should never be a producer.

Our NYMF Dramaturg

Posted in NYMF on June 7, 2010 by darylfazio

When you get a Next Link slot, NYMF treats you as though they’re the momma bird, and you’re the fledgling. They learn ya things, like marketing, ticketing, producing, and, of course, how to make your show continue to grow.

To facilitate that growth, they give us our very own dramaturg (as in someone trained in the “techniques of dramatic composition”, so sayeth; dramaturgs help playwrights see their work with a clear eye; often, they give us that bit of “tough love” we need when somethin’ ain’t workin’, but we’re too attached to realize it; they can help with structure, with characterization, with language, with research).

Ours is Lisa Timmel. Continue reading


Posted in Uncategorized on June 1, 2010 by darylfazio

POPart is a New York Musical Theatre Festival Next Link Selection! I’ll be tracking the developments here–casting, creative, bumps, hurdles, rewrites, victories, and more.

In the meantime, if you have a few extra dollars, and you want to be a part of our show making it to the stage, visit our website for tax-deductible donation info.

And thanks to Chad Larabee (director) and Gretchen Margaroli (general manager) for taking this crazy trip with us!