Teachin’ and Makin’ Music

Haven’t downloaded the pics from the iPhone yet as physical proof that would hold up in a court of law, but we have a NYC cast. Monday was Aaron’s (MD) domain as he worked with Kitty, Toni-O, and Edward (everyone loves that “Without Us”). Then the Ensemble came in to run their many tunes. We’ve trucked a few of the CCU props up to New York (Picasso masks, Michelangelo fig leaves–didn’t seem to set anything off at the airport’s x-ray machine), and the ensemble will get a chance to work those bits.

Today, we get to meet our teachers and homeless man. I’m watching Erin Maguire (Ms. Hamm) ham it up as we speak.

A few new cast members to mention: Kevin Covert (Mr. Manne) coming to us from “Memphis” and “Spamalot”, Kit Williams (Miss St. Helen), and Brittany Proia replacing MK Lawson in the Ensemble.

Bring on the funny.

One Response to “Teachin’ and Makin’ Music”

  1. I miss this show ….. a lot …..

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