The End…

POPart, The Musical has officially concluded its first workshop production at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Audiences were sometimes quiet, sometimes raucous, sometimes small, sometimes big, but always in it. If laughter heals, the cast might have caused a few miracles.

And, though I’m not a mother, I felt like I was watching my 25 (26, if you count the script itself) children perform their faces off those seven nights and one matinee. That’s how proud I was.

Our lives all feel a little changed by this production (Monica Bell, you’re a born-director and were perfect for finding this show’s beating heart; cast, your devotion to this script and production was unwavering and moved me on a daily basis, and your growth as artists has been palpable). It’s hard to let go.

At the same time, though, I’m sitting at my laptop with the new draft of POPart percolating along (we have that staged reading in NYC tentatively scheduled for January–no rest for the weary). So I don’t really have to let go. In fact, I can’t. Inspired by all the magic moments in the show, I’m driven to make the close-but-no-cigar moments rise to that level. And I need to do so with the workshop fresh in my gourd.

Two new songs are planned to frame the intermission (which was added for this production). One of those songs will be an addition (Kitty sings to her reflection in the mirror as she accepts all her imaginary awards and does all her talk-show appearances after becoming famous; sure, you know what I mean; we’ve all practiced some sort of award speech in the mirror; I’m thinking Toni-O and Edward will join in from their individual spotlights); the other will replace “Critique Mystique”, a definite misfire in the show (we anticipate that the Homeless Man and Homeless Woman will sing this new one while Kitty melts down in the studio when inspiration fails to strike).

I’ve thanked the cast and director (and designers) a thousand times for helping me and Aaron “see” the piece. Consider this a thousand and one.

And remember. It’s not the end. Just the end of the beginning.


2 Responses to “The End…”

  1. The end of the beginning, indeed! Words cannot express the magic you feel sitting in the audience watching this show. I’ve never seen a show with such an enthusiastic cast, vibrant set design, wonderfully arranged & clever music, and hilarious but meaningful plot. Everyone is beginning to say it, but POPart really does make you laugh, cry, think and laugh even more. You can really tell that the cast gave the show their all, and even more, and that makes the show ten times better for someone sitting in the audience. It’s very rare that a show, more specifically, a musical, can make you laugh until you cry, but have a very serious side, and this one does. This play deserves every single great thing that it has coming it’s way. Amanda Jeter completely blew me away becoming Kitty Katz. Her voice, her sometimes small, but noticeable facial expressions and the urgency in the way she delivered her dialogue really made the audience understand Kitty and where she came from. Caroline Cuseo was definitely the major comedic element in this show. I mentioned to her that she definitely puts me in the mind of comedy legend, Carol Burnett. Her performance as the mother and homeless lady were completely priceless. Devin’s voice blew me away as well. All of the teachers, students, homeless people, ensemble, even the crew, (which I had the wonderful privileged of meeting while attending the cast’s strike session yesterday, haha) were all just a great group of people who made this show completely amazing and a pleasure to watch! I wish I could have sat in the audience every night! Great job, everyone! I can’t wait to see you on Broadway! Shine, POPart!, Shine!

  2. Mason Reich Says:

    I’m anxious to know what the two new songs sound like, especially the one where the Homeless Man and Woman sing together! You’re right. This is just the end of the beginning!

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