Opening Night

…is tonight. And the joy I get from watching the joy taking place onstage is not possible to express with words. POPart, The Musical at Coastal Carolina University is a workshop, which means it’s finding its legs, not taking its final bow. Are there things that Monica, Aaron, and I are already talking about changing in a rewrite? Absolutement. Does that alter the importance of the work done over the past few weeks by 25 talented kids? Nope, it makes it even more important.

Does that alter the fun preview audiences have already had watching the production? Nope, not one iota.

So thanks, performers. You ALL crack me up. You ALL give it 110. Keep sharin’ the love.

And Amanda? Just remember I was NOT the one who gave you all the running and climbing to do during “Blow-by-Blow”, the wordiest song on Earth. You’re handling it like a trooper.

Kitty sings of art changing her world during "I Blend In"

Kitty sings of art changing her world during "I Blend In"

The Picasso Gang does not impress actor, Sly McCoy

The Picasso Gang does not impress actor, Sly McCoy

Transition out of the gang introductions

Transition out of the gang introductions


3 Responses to “Opening Night”

  1. Mason Reich Says:

    I’ll have you know that I overheard from some people who saw tonight’s performance say, “..the show was amazing!”, “I loved it!”
    I can’t even begin to express how honored I am to be a part of this wonderful production! As our workshop’s progressed, I could feel a certain kind of magic appear in the midst of our playing! Tonight’s performance was a revelation of all of the spectacular ideas we all incorporated throughout our rehearsals! I could feel a sense of energy from the whole cast. I got chills!!
    I want to thank you personally for writing this spectacular play, as well as helping me learn more about my role as the Father. I am going to enjoy the upcoming performances, as well as hearing the audiences reaction. Thank you!

  2. Amanda Jeter Says:


    i remember the day when THAT particular bomb was dropped on me. something about how the adrenaline i would get from climbing the ladders would help me get my breath for those lengthy lines. and i remember thinking that that HAD to be a big steaming pot of too much confidence in my breathing. BUT IT WORKS! thank goodness. i’m afraid of that song every single night.

    thank you again. for everything.
    THEY LOVE IT! =]

  3. emily jeter Says:

    i laughed, i cried, i clapped until my hands hurt. even without my severe bias toward anything involving amanda jeter, i would have loved every breath of this show. it is so smart and the cast really does give 110% if not more. if it wasn’t for the 7 hour drive i would definitely be back next weekend!! great job to all the cast and crew … I LOVE YOU KITTY!! 🙂

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