“Be Free”

We hit the two-week rehearsal mark last night with the staging and choreography for “Be Free,” the first song in the teacher triad (“Ah, Oui!”, the second, was staged last week, and we’ll work the last one—and the possible end of the act, if we decide to have an intermission—”Art is Your Rock,” tonight).

My ribs still hurt. From laughing.

Our Ms. Hamm is a revelation, a Julie-Andrews-meets-Captain-and-Tenille force of nature. The director and choreographer have her fondling and making advances toward Hugo, the pasty yet confident nude model (who will be in a dance belt and not much else), as she careens and frolicks around the stage like a go-go dancer grandmother. And the students follow like a band of rabid hippies. The relationship with Hugo was not something I wrote in the script or even had in the back of my mind, but it works.

Here’s a poorly-lit excerpt that can only hint at the comedic mayhem:


One Response to ““Be Free””

  1. I have worked with Meghan before and i think she is sensational!

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