Characters, Comedy, & Catching Up

More fascinating stuff for the writer to watch last night as Monica worked through several early scenes that introduce our leads, establish their relationship, and also give a pretty good indication that this ain’t Shakespeare (at one point, we move swiftly from Kitty chasing a homeless man out of her dorm room with a broom into Mother gliding across the floor dressed like the Virgin Mary and giving Kitty advice on taking the plunge).

It’s starting to feel like the young actors “get” their roles and their bonds and this bizarre universe we’re asking them to exist in. It’s also apparent that comedy is hard. Especially of this sort, that runs the gamut from screwball to intellectual and doesn’t stop to collect $200 in between.

It felt great to work this much of the libretto, though. At two weeks into the total six of rehearsal, it feels like we’re where we need to be.


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