Casting Complete! (almost)

Call-backs last night were a lot of fun. It was my first time hearing actors read much of the text (the department did some serious recruiting last year and should really be proud of the freshman talent it’s attracted in addition to the returning students already making waves here). And, though taken out of context the scenes didn’t make much sense, especially to the kids who hadn’t read the show (I guess we’ll forgive ’em this time), some things already started to come into focus for us–the creators and director.

We’re very pleased with our chosen group, made up of all shapes, sizes, and colors, just like the Ghetto Art School it will bring to life.

Once the students have a chance to accept or turn down their roles over the next few days, we’ll have the list of the first-ever workshop production of POPart, The Musical engraved in 14 karat gold (or at least corrugated cardboard).

Rehearsals start September 14. Stay tuned!


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